A Reputable Cleaning Business Serving All of Piedmont Triad

A Reputable Cleaning Business Serving All of Piedmont Triad

About Us

Barefoot Cleaners is owned by Bryon and Carla Ingold, a husband-and-wife team who has been in business since 2007. Both graphic artists by trade, they didn’t plan to run a cleaning service; it just kind of happened. When their first child was born, Carla decided to stay at home, but she and Bryon needed some extra income, so she began cleaning one house. Within a short time, that homeowner began recommending Carla to friends, and before long, Carla was fielding inquiries to clean more houses.

As the calls increased, the Ingolds realized that they had an opportunity to grow a business.

“We wanted to expand because we felt like we had something,” Carla says. “We started having other people come in and help us to grow our team to make us stronger and better.”

That’s when Bryon came on board and started the carpet cleaning division and foreclosure cleanups.

“You don’t have to get Fred The Window Cleaner to come in to do one thing and then Steve The Carpet Guy to do your floors,” Carla says. “You can call us to come in and do it all! One-stop shopping.”

Today, Barefoot Cleaners has multiple teams. Carla schedules the residential and business cleanings, and Bryon handles the carpet cleaning and exterior work.

Barefoot Cleaners is a family-run business because family is what’s most important to us. We realize it’s important to our customers, too. We like to help people by taking the burden of cleaning off of your shoulders so you can spend more time investing in what ? or who? matters most to you.

At Barefoot Cleaners, we build a unique relationship with our employees. They become like family. It’s another benefit of being a locally based company. We pass that accountability and confidence along to you.